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East Colfax Final Fridays Block Party

The East Colfax Neighborhood Association sponsors 100% pay-what-you-can block parties with live performances, pay-what-you-can food that features local restaurants, games suggested by local youth, ways for local businesses to display and connect, and just plain sitting around.

The events run from 6-8pm and happen at Counterpath, 7935 East 14th Avenue, and other venues around the neighborhood.

Check back here for each event's features of food, music, games, and location. All are welcome, bring the whole family and all your friends, and we'll send out reminders and updates about who and what will be featured at each block party. 

Interested in featuring your business or service? It's easy! Write to We simply ask that, for the block party, you're "pay-what-you-can" or operate on a donation basis. The East Colfax Neighborhood Association can typically help to cover basic costs.

Friday, August 30, 6-8pm, at Regal Bakery parking lot, 1141 Syracuse St.

Capoiera Performance, United Capoiera Association of Colorado

Guitar Performance by Leonardo Armijo

Dinner from Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant

Ice Cream from Walia Creamery

Cash Bar, Regal Bakery and Cafe

Coffee/Tea from Quince Essential Coffee

Global Grocery Mart Feature

Kids' Games

Friday, June 28, 2019, 6-8pm, at Counterpath, 7935 East 14th Ave.

Ethiopian Youth Dancers of Colorado

El Chalate Salvadoran and Mexican Food

Regal Bakery

Quince Essential Coffee

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