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Individual Neighborhood Plan

East Colfax Neighborhood Association Individual Neighborhood Plan

In October of 2019 the East Colfax Neighborhood Association voted unanimously both to begin the development of its own neighborhood plan and to make anti-displacement the overriding priority of that plan. 

We determined that the only way to address the realities of our neighborhood specifically, as opposed the city-generated East Area Plan "groupings" that yoke East Colfax with vastly different neighborhoods, was to devise a plan that reflected East Colfax concerns directly.

Our October 2019 meeting resulted in the establishment of the following founding element of that plan, and commitment to anti-displacement, and we look forward to future developments.

  • Anti-Displacement – Any neighborhood plan for East Colfax will take as its first priority keeping in their homes or businesses all of those who would like to stay. More than 65% of the neighborhood is at risk of involuntary displacement, a staggering percentage. Any plans for East Colfax must include concrete policy proposals, zoning, and other solutions that acknowledge the full extent of this crisis. ALL development, investment, and financing must take place through an anti-displacement lens. 

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