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ECNA Proclamation

ECNA Proclamation (vote at our March 19, 2024 meeting)

Whereas the East Colfax Neighborhood Association (ECNA) is elective and democratic at every level and therefore has all new leadership on a regular basis, which means that this leadership takes time to get up to speed with how city communication works and what the implications of city actions might be;
Whereas ECNA prioritizes non-English-speaking leadership that represents a large portion of its residents and businesses, this leadership potentially taking even more time to learn how the RNO operates;
Whereas ECNA is an independent organization that may have more or less resources at any given time;
Whereas ECNA is a volunteer organization whose leadership and members may be more or less available at any given time;
Whereas ECNA is and has been the sole body exclusively committed to representing the East Colfax neighborhood, now for more than half a century, since 1972;
Whereas East Colfax is one of the most socioeconomically diverse and integrated neighborhoods in the city of Denver and therefore is constantly subjected to city-facilitated change, involuntary displacement, and the negative aspects of gentrification, as has been proven time and time again;
Whereas ECNA is engaged in a long-term, community-based creation of a localized neighborhood plan that gives voice to and protects the people who live and work here now and has as its guiding principle anti-displacement, such plan being process-oriented and taking shape over time;
ECNA is hereby requesting that the city of Denver build into its review and approval processes the requirement that when any zoning or permitting affecting any structure or land within our boundaries is before the city that one or more of the city council representatives for our district have a documented direct confirming conversation, in person or via email, with existing ECNA leadership to be sure ECNA leadership is aware of such proposed change and has ample time to communicate such change to the East Colfax community, and that until such open communication is carried out no vote at any level of city government on such changes be engaged.

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