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Neighborhood Eviction Watch


Any eviction is inhuman and we in the East Colfax neighborhood, where poverty hovers near 30% and the majority of our community is cost burdened and at risk of involuntary displacement, know that evictions are nearly a daily occurrence around us.

We believe that we as a neighborhood can come together to prevent evictions. The East Colfax Neighborhood Association has formed a Neighborhood Evictions Watch, with the following principles:

1. As much as possible attempt to catch evictions well before they happen, working with tenants and landlords to avoid forcing neighbors out of their home.

2. Potentially drawing on the ECNA Emergency Assistance Fund or the ECNA Collaborative Housing program to head off eviction or provide emergency shelter.

3. Where evictions have recently occurred, assisting those in need to find new housing.

4. In all cases, where appropriate, bringing attention to the circumstances and outcomes of any eviction happening in our neighborhood.

Please be part of the ECNA Neighborhood Eviction Watch. 

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