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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Please be in touch at with any questions or to volunteer for any of the below.

--We're looking for anyone to volunteer to bring a light snack of some kind to one or more of our monthly meetings, held at Counterpath the third Tuesday of each month. 

--We'd love to have someone to attend the monthly District 2 Community Advisory Board (2CAB) meetings at the District 2 police headquarters. We also have a number of other quarterly safety meetings in East Colfax. 

--We need someone to represent East Colfax on the Denver Sidewalk Ordinance Committee, which meets twice a month at 3:30pm. They are creating recommendations for changes to the sidewalk ordinance.

--We need someone to represent ECNA on the Grassroots Leadership Council, which deals with issues affecting East Colfax and Aurora.

--We would love to have someone attend either in person or on Zoom the meetings of the other RNO's in District 8, including Park Hill and Central Park.

--Community garden! We are looking for some dedicated gardeners to get the Counterpath/ECNA community garden up and running in the 2024 season and to be regular gardeners all season long. Just let us know!


--We have an ongoing outreach position, or "section leader," for anyone who can help us go door to door throughout the whole of East Colfax to be sure anyone who is interested signs on as voting member of ECNA.

--We're looking for a volunteer to represent ECNA at one or more of the Denver Inter-neighborhood Cooperation (INC) meetings. We'd hope the attendee could please report back to our RNO meeting on a regular basis. INC also has various committee meetings at which we'd love to have an ECNA rep.

--ECNA and Denver City Council volunteer. Though we have requests in for visits from our City Council District 8  and At Large representative and aids, having an ECNA presence at as many City Council meetings as we can would be amazing. This person could sign up for general comments and voice East Colfax concerns, and report back at our monthly ECNA meetings. 

--ECNA wants to send you to the Statehouse! ECNA would love to have a volunteer to attend all relevant statehouse meetings of the general assembly, accessible here. This is a chance to provide East Colfax–based input wherever possible, chat with legislators in person, and report back at the monthly ECNA meetings. This upcoming statehouse session in particular promises to address a number of ECNA-related issues such as affordable housing and property taxes.

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