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East Colfax is home to many amazing artists, authors, musicians, and poets. Check out the work of your neighbors below and let us know if you would like your work to be included here.

Heart of the City, a Neighborhood Love Song 


I love you, East Colfax, with your used condom and lavender blooming. 

I love your broken glass and silver maple limbs.


I love you like a homemade kite caught in a telephone wire.

ove you: engines revving and bass pumping;

a neighborhood with the sleeves cut off, an apple sliced down the middle. 


I love you East Colfax, 

with your injera rising, your pupusas frying, your jerk chicken grilling. 

With you every stop light is a different Friday night dance party.

With you a hundred languages carry on a single breeze.  

With you the corner park is a stadium and the Dairy Queen a universe. 


I love you even if all your swimming pools have been filled in, 

even if your sidewalks have been forgotten, 

even if you don’t love me back:


I can’t have him camped out like that, scaring all my customers away.

How do I send my children to a skeleton staffed school? 

What do you mean ‘don't walk alone at night’? Isn’t the moon protection enough? 


They don’t all love you, East Colfax, 

in a city where they want to prey on your good bones and strip you of your solid roots, 

some will think you are a small spec squeezed in between modern money giants: 

but I know you are the giant, I know that you 

are the heart.


By Abby Templeton-Greene . 


Abby writes, teaches and resides in the East Colfax neighborhood. To read more of her work visit her at