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Food Bank

The East Colfax Neighborhood Association and Counterpath collaborate on a weekly food bank, open at Counterpath, 7935 East 14th Avenue, every Friday from 5-6pm. 

With donations from many individuals and organizations, we have fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, bread, and non-perishables, as well as some clothing and household items. While this is not currently a full service food bank we hope to help cut back on bills for those in need.


From late spring to late fall produce from the Counterpath community garden and any donations from surrounding home gardens will also be available. 


Please be sure to drop off any food you might be able to donate. Non-perishables and other non-refrigerated food donations will be accepted during the food bank on Fridays from 5-6pm. For drop-offs at other times please email

This initiative joins other emergency food programs in our area. Please help spread the word!

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