Past Neighborhood Leaders

Past Leaders of Our Neighborhood Association (1972-Present)

Neighborhood representation has many forms. Some neighborhoods have fee based HOA representation while others are represented by volunteer residents and community members. The East Colfax Neighborhood Association (formerly East Montclair Neighborhood Association) is, and has been, represented by the community for over 40 years! The list below is an ongoing attempt to look back and recognize the community members and neighbors from years past who have stepped up to represent our neighborhood. If you have more information to share to 'fill in the blanks', please contact us with the form at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

(P)= President | (VP)= Vice President | (T)= Treasurer | (I) Information Officer | (S) Secretary | (B)= Board Member

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1972 (P) Gene Jagmin (VP) Robert W. Jensen (T) Beverly Fraser (S) Beverly Fraser (B) Cecelia Schultz, Leonard Schroth, Mrs. Malcolm Hill
1974 (P) Andrew Diangelo (S) Exie P. White 
1975 (S) Karen Stentz 
1976 (P) Exie P. White

1980 (P) Don Alexander (VP) Alice Zen (T) Exie P. White (S) Arnold Chronister


1982 (P) Donna Stark (VP) Bonna Gayhart (T) Joe DeBrower (S) Dale McInerney (B) Mary McDonnell, Philomene Nance, Olive Crapo



1985 (P) K. Popple (B) Stephen Davis




1989 (T) Jack Limoli 


1991 (P) Noreen Mahon (VP) Joe DeBrower/Curt Young (T) Dale McInerney (S) Laura Elder (B) Bonna Gayhart, Evelyn Donahoo, Ray Sanford

1992 (P) Ray Sanford (VP) Joe DeBrower (T) Dale McInerney (S) Laura Edler (B) Noreen Mahon, Evelyn Donahoo

1993 (P) Christy Romano (VP) Laura Edler (T) Dale McInerney (B) Joe DeBrower, Bonna Gayahrt

1994 (P) Christy Romano (VP) Clifford Kuhn (T) Cris Dixon (B) Mary McDonald, Joe DeBower, John Starnes

1995 (P) Christy Romano (VP) Clifford Kuhn (T) Therese Curtin (S) Cris Dixon (B) Mary McDonnell, Darlene Workman

1996 (P) Christy Romano (VP) Carol Kuhn (T) Edith C. Sheffield (S) Betty Aguilar, (B) Mary McDonnell, Greg White, Darlene Workman

1997 (P) Kevin Craycroft (VP) Carol Kuhn (T) Jennifer King (S) Betty Aguilar (B) Chris Romano, Greg White, Kim Nichols

1998 (P) Shirley Carter (VP) Greg White (T) Greg Mcallister (S) Irene Gomez (B) Sharlene Ciacio, Kim Nichols, Christie Romano

1999 (P) Irene Gomez, (VP) Greg White (T) Greg Mcallister (S) Geoff Peterson (B) Christy Romano, Patrick Culbreth, Betty Aguilar 

2000 (P) G.Mcallister/G.Peterson (VP) Michelle Kerklo, (T) Joan Lucas (S) Donna Stark, (B) Linda Pierce, B. Aguilar, Irene Gomez

2001 (P) Greg Mcallister (VP) Geoff Peterson (T) Bonna Gayhart (S) Donna Stark (B) Linda Pierce, Betty Aguilar

2002 (P) Greg Mcallister (VP) Joan Lucas (T) Bonna Gayhart (S) Donna Stark (B) Geoff Peterson, Kathee Fisher, Kathy Stark

2003 (P) Marcus Pachner (VP) Rob Wilson (T) Bonna Gayhart (S) Mary-Ann Flynn (B) Betty Aguilar, Shana Puckett, Karen Erickson

2004 (P) Marcus Pachner (VP) Rob Wilson (T) Laura Leier (S) Mary-Ann Flynn (B) Shana Pucket, Karen Erickson

2005 (P) Shawn McDowell (VP) Jan Franklin (T) Laura Leier (S) Ash Collins (B) Karen Erickson, Lisa Medve

2006 (P) Shawn McDowell (VP) Lisa Medve (T) Laura Leier (S) Aimee Konowal (B) Ash Collins, Steve Healy 

2007 (P) Jan Franklin (VP) Rob Wilson (T) Lee Eitel (S) Aimee Konowal (B) Steve Healey, Chris Dixon

2008 (P) Jan Franklin (VP) Rob Wilson (T) Tera Holzschuh (S) Taryn Browne (B) Cris Dixon, Heidi Snow, John Russell

2009 (P) Jan Franklin (VP) Heidi Snow (T) Tera Holzschuh (S) Linda Johnson (B) Rob Wilson, Ed Wasserman, John Russell

2010 (P) Rob Wilson (VP) John Russell (T) Tera Holzschuh (S) Linda Johnson (B) Jan Franklin, Jennifer Coleman, Ed Wasserman

2011 (P) Rob Wilson (VP) John Russell (T) Tera Holzschuh (S) Ed Wasserman (B) Linda Johnson, Jennifer Callender, Isaac Schloss

2012 (P) Tera Holzschuh (VP) Jan Franklin (T) Jennifer Callendar (S) Bryan Fry (B) Rob Wilson, Isaac Schloss

2013 (P) Jan Franklin (VP) Lynn Coleman (T) Jennifer Callendar (S) Bryan Fry (B) Isaac Schloss

2014 (P) Isaac Schloss (VP) Greg Nelson (T) Rachel Lederer (S) John Russell (B) Carrie Sitz, Duane Viedt, Thomas W. Fesing

2015 (P) Thomas W. Fesing (VP) Larry Drees (T) Duane Viedt (S) John Russell (B) Greg Nelson, Isaac Schloss

2016 (P) Thomas W. Fesing (VP) Larry Drees (T) Janet Caspers (S) Vanessa Frank (B) Sue Felton, Isaac Schloss

2017 (P) Brittany Zuber (VP) Lara Duran (T) Janet Caspers (S) Vanessa Frank & Lauren Stewart (B) Larry Drees, Mary Nesberg

2018 (P) Brittany Zuber (VP) Lauren Stewart (T) Eric Richardson (S) Melvena Rhetta Fair (B) Mary Nesberg, Isaac Schloss

2019 (P) Tim Roberts (VP) Isaac Schloss (T) Eric Richardson (S) John Neal (B) Megan Tortorelli, Larry Drees

2020 (P) Tim Roberts (VP) Isaac Schloss (T) Megan Tortorelli (S) Monique Steward-Threet and Christian Steward, (B) Nebiyu Asfaw, Brendan Greene, Rosie Bee, Ma Kiang, Lara Duran

2021 (P) Christian Steward (VP) Maya Thomas (T) Megan Tortorelli (I) Danielle Shepard (B) Lara Duran, Brendan Greene, Emmanuel Kamabela, Ma Kiang, Isaac Schloss, Abraham Tesfamichile